About Us

Rich Charlson was born and raised in Great Falls, Montana. He spent the summers working on the family farm in Carter, Montana. When he married, he moved to the farm and has lived there since. He was “inspired” to become to an artist when he discovered farming didn’t always pay the bills. His earliest woodworking experience was in 1985 when drought forced him to look for other ways to make a living so he began routing redwood signs. The signs were a great success! Soon he bought a second hand lathe and began turning bowls. Before long he started gluing wood to make patterned bowls and began making other items: cribbage boards, lazy susans, candle holders, etc. He soon found he had real talent and that he loved working with the wood. Rich works with a large variety of woods using their natural color and grain to create beautiful patterns and designs. He uses native Montana woods in many of his creations. The bowls are the most popular items and they have found new homes all over the United States and the world. The bowls are finished with a USDA approved food safe finish. They can be used for salads, breads, etc. In 2002 one of Rich’s [pieces was selected for the permanent collection at the Montana State Fair In 2009 Rich was inducted into the Montana Circle of American Master Folk Artists